Grand Council
Manson Andre
Andre R. Manson – 22nd International Grand Polaris


International Grand Polaris:
Bro. Andre R. Manson
International Grand Vice-Polaris:
Bro. Sean D. Housen, Sr.
International Grand Secretary:
Bro./Dr. George R. Smith, Jr.
International Grand Treasurer:
Bro. Paul E. Trussell
Executive Director:
Bro. Kevin Bennett
National Historian:
Bro. Dwayne C. Dixon
National Chaplains:
Bro./Bishop Talbert W. Swan, II
National Parliamentarian:
Bro. Bobby A. Ficklin, Jr.
General Counsel:
Bro. John E. Davenport
National Sergeant-At-Arms:
Bro. Reginald Harvey


Regional Polaris – Atlantic Coast
Bro. Christopher Raines
Regional Polaris – Eastern
Bro. Emeka S. Okoba
Regional Polaris – Far West
Bro. Charles Gray, III
Regional Polaris – Gulf Coast
Bro. Jerry J. Johnson, Jr.
Regional Polaris – Midwest
Bro. Keenan J. Saulter
Regional Polaris – Ohio Valley
Bro. Randall D. McCrary, Jr.
Regional Polaris – Southern
Bro. Anthony T. Devoil

Intermediate Officers

Director of Alumni Affairs:
Bro. Christopher S. O'Banner
Director of Undergraduate Affairs:
Bro. Allen White, Jr.
Director of Communications:
Bro. David T. Boyd
Director of Technology:
Bro. Carlos M. Maury
Director of Training & Development:
Bro. Eddie J. Wingate
Director of Marketing:
Bro. Gibbs Hightower, IV
Director of Membership Affairs:
Bro./Dr. Taijuan M. Clayton
Director of Military Affairs:
Bro. Dejon L. Holland
Director of Health Initiatives:
Bro. John W. Branch, Jr.
Director of Social Media:
Bro. Matthew Reeds

Sponsors / Partners

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