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Building With A Purpose!!!









Current Message:

Planning is currently happening for the 2021 Conclave. The planning process not only includes entities mandated by the Fraternity's bylaws but increased participation from Regional Polari. The ultimate goal is to help produce an even more pleasurable experience for our Brotherhood and our guests. We plan to include the use of recently developed technological applications/services in such areas as registration and communication. Lastly, Regional Polari has provided input on a tentative geographic pattern for future Conclaves.

Membership Focus
Above and most important, we want to provide a good membership focus. Our administration understands that the bottom line is about the members of the organization. It's our members who make up our brand, culture, and resources. We will be looking and all the aspects of our Fraternity in which our members dwell within the Fraternity. Understanding that IOTA means many different things to many different brothers, we can't possibly get to them all. We want to start with the look and feel of our Fraternity, from our National and Regional websites to our Bylaws and protocols. We brought in some new directors and activated a social action chair. At first, some of these things are not going to be easy and some we may come up against some heavy resistance. Please note that whatever we do, it will be with the best intentions for the members and Fraternity. I want to thank each of the members of our administration and the members of our Fraternity. Our work is not done yet, we have a lot more to do, and I want to say appreciate you and the work you do.


Thank you, in Brotherhood


22nd International Grand Polaris

"Building with a Purpose"

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